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Mark Malarko is a British artist commonly known for his iconic low-brow art. Introduced to the world of alternative culture through his years spent as a skateboarder in London during the 90s, Malarko gained notoriety in the noughties for his prolific output of public mural works both sanctioned and unsanctioned. 

It was when Malarko started studying ceramics in Stoke on Trent, London that his work really diversified and became his go-to medium.


Malarko has since developed a loose and energetic style that merges traditional techniques with unconventional references to popular culture. He uses found objects on the streets or markets, stylising his paintings and ceramics to elevate his ideas into something completely refreshing and outspoken. His work slips between the abstract and the familiar, creating a unique and peculiar contemporary visual language. 


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