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SEP 7TH -SEP 24TH 2023


The Sarabande dance, once banned for its perceived obscenity, found its renaissance when composer Handel breathed new life into it turning it into one of the Baroque period’s most popular pieces. Similarly Ronch’s work is a quiet glance into a churning mind that does not fear its own nightmares, blending fragments of memories with dream-like abstraction in meticulous detail. Ronch’s “punk-surrealist" style has an eerie ambience which leaves you oscillating between a mild discomfort to astonishment and recognition and back again.


Just as the controversy of the Sarabande evolved into an enchanting transformation from the provocative to the profound, so Ronch’s layered symbolism challenges and captivates in equal measure. Fresh from his notable achievement as a finalist in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2023 tv series, Ronch's storytelling prowess and intricate artistry is gaining significant acclaim. ‘SARABANDE’ will offer an intimate look into his narrative-driven approach, celebrating the evolution of his work from early drawings to the actual canvases created on the series. Ronch's sketchbooks will also be on display, offering a raw and unfiltered look into his creative transformation.


Step into BSMT Gallery for this visual odyssey, where every piece by Ronch is a portal, a journey into the realm of the impossible.


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