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MAR 21ST - APR 7TH 2024


Opening on March 21st at BSMT Gallery, ‘Song of the Siren’ sees Guy Denning returning to the UK for the first time in five years to showcase his latest series inspired by the haunting melody of "Song To the Siren" and its role in evoking powerful memories. This exhibition, running until April 7th, is an exploration of the intersections between music, memory and visual art.

Born in North Somerset in 1965, Guy Denning's artistic journey is one of resilience,
self-education, and an unyielding passion for visual art. Despite early setbacks in his formal art education, Denning's relentless pursuit of artistic excellence propelled him to refine his technique and develop a unique voice that traverses the boundaries of Street and Contemporary Art. Witnessing the local rural economy crumble throughout the 1980s, Guy became interested in responding to this crisis, incorporating political narrative into his work via the stencilled text aesthetic and anarchist politics of early 80’s punk bands.
Denning’s work for ‘Song of the Siren’ is deeply personal, reflecting on how this song has anchored him to moments in time with vivid emotion. A song of various iterations, “Song To the Siren” triggers memories for Guy that span decades, from his early youth in an unfamiliar environment facing the coldness of mortality, to the euphoria and joy of the moment he danced with his (would be) wife for the first time. The exhibition presents a selection of works that capture the essence of these memories, rendered in Denning's signature style that balances raw emotion with technical precision.

“[Music]...can act as if it's recalling punctuation points in your life's story. A song not heard for perhaps decades can evoke not just memories but also the emotions felt of that specific time. It pulls them into now with such force and authenticity it almost feels as if you are reliving that initial moment.” - Guy Denning

Visit the Exhibition

We invite you to join us for the opening night of ‘Song of the Siren’ on March 21st, 2024 from 6-9 pm. The show runs from March 22nd to April 7th. Drinks for the opening night will be supplied by our good friends at Five Points Brewery.

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