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Need framing advice? Whether it's artwork bought through our shop or your personal masterpieces, we're here to provide expert advice on the best framing options to enhance your art.

Our offerings include box frames, float mounting, window mounting, and tray framing, ranging from traditional wooden frames to eye-catching neon Perspex frames. We also stretch canvases.


A popular choice, this technique creates the illusion of your artwork floating within the frame. The archival foam core mount adds depth by casting a subtle shadow beneath the artwork.


For pieces with deckled edges, float mounting is highly recommended. We also offer bespoke fillets, allowing you to match a colour from your artwork to the frame's inner edge.


This option frames your print with a border and raises the glazing away from the artwork, protecting it from condensation damage.

We  have a wide range of colors and use acid-free, white-core mount boards, ensuring that the cut beveled edge near the artwork remains pristine and white.


Combine modernity and elegance with our Perspex box framing.

This style encases your artwork in a clear-faced Perspex box, available with neon-colored sides, creating a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Especially effective for boldly colored artworks, it's ideal for various mediums, transforming your piece into a striking statement.


Perfect for canvases and paintings on board, these frames are designed without glass, leaving a gap between the frame's inner edge and the canvas, providing a floating appearance.The tray can either be tight to the artwork or leaving a gap in order to show off the sides of the artwork.

Box Framing: This method is integral to all our framing options, ensuring a gap between the glass and your artwork, eliminating the risk of ink transfer. It's an ideal choice for limited edition prints or original artworks.

Glazing Options: We offer standard float glass and are also happy to discuss Art Glass options. Art Glass features a high-quality anti-reflective coating, which enhances clarity and is particularly beneficial for artworks with darker backgrounds

Acid-free backing to perfectly mount prints. Acid-free board is placed between the back of the print and the rear of the frame, avoiding any chemical transfer. This fully reversible process is ideal for originals, limited editions and rare works

All our materials are sustainable and archival-quality, ensuring your artwork remains in mint condition and beautifully presented.

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