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Boldly abstract in nature, British artist Grindrod’s paintings skillfully layer strict geometric forms with gestural painting. Working in intense bursts of activity, initial sketches are adapted and reformed through an instinctive, immediate process. Much of the aesthetic decision making is done in the moment as Grindrod intuitive- ly works with the paintings in ‘real time’. Consequently, the removal of paint and erasure of marks play just as important a role as the application of paint and this

is abundantly clear when we look at the finished works.

Bold, flat, graphic colour fields sit along- side abraded, distressed surfaces. Swift, gestural marks contrast sharp, measured lines. The paintings are often overtly playful, but their immediate aesthetic appeal conceals a subtlety and rigorous commitment to a practice that is deeply important to the artist. As he says of him- self, “The decisions that are made in the moment can be both rewarding and dis- appointing but all lead to the truth in the end... I feel that this is the only way that I can truly create something unique”.


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