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Himbad is an elusive entity, a collective of characters drawn from his studies in ancient mysticism and Eastern mythology. Originally from London, Himbad has become an internationally renowned street artist, he is recognised worldwide through his army of characters including Itsyu, Lmeow, Yol9, and Miss Chief. 


Himbad specialises in the Sprezzatura painting method- discarding any preconceived ideas, preferring to take from the moment and feeding directly from the spring of inspiration.


No two paintings are alike, and through working with this sense of immediacy Himbad is able to harness the spirit of the unpredictable- the pure essence of painting. His works are an explosion of colour, Himbad is able to manipulate the paint itself to create immensely beautiful, layered surfaces with remarkable detail. Himbad’s career as an artist has grown exponentially in the past couple of years, and he has been invited to paint in almost every major city in the world. He has famously found himself holding the record for the largest mural in Chiang Mai, Thailand as well as the largest mural at the globally recognised Wynwood Walls, Miami. 



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