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Charley Peters lives and works in south London and exhibits internationally. Her work is a fusion of the dynamism of Abstract Expressionism, the quiet precision of the hard edge, the everyday coolness of pop culture and the moody strangeness of teenage subcultures.

Her studio has replaced her childhood bedroom as the place where she creates imaginary, interior landscapes. She is interested in how we negotiate what’s abstract and what’s real, what’s formal and what’s felt, what’s intuitive and what’s made by logical thought.

There are uncomfortable relationships in her paintings and she paints as a means of working them out. Her work reflects the graphically complex world in which we now live, where we simultaneously see multiple ‘windows’ on computer monitors, smartphones and digital tablets which display disparate images at once, each with their own temporal, spatial, and visual registers.

By remixing the things that she has consumed visually and putting them onto

a canvas, she makes fantastical worlds where intuitive smears of paint co-exist with hard-edged geometry, and the language of Modernist painting meets the everyday aesthetics of screen culture to make something new but strangely familiar. She believes that everyone should have a place to belong and if you don’t fit into the real world, you have the power to make your own.


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