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Alexander Chappell is an artist and designer from London. While the two disciplines are very different, Chappell has a simple explanation about how he finds a balance; as a designer he answers questions, and as an artist he gets to ask them. 

This wasn’t always the case. Until recent years Chappell created work under the pseudonym ‘Twiy’ a persona he felt he needed to clearly separate art from design in his own mind. But as his career as a designer developed a bridge between the two disciples began to emerge. 

Chappell‘s design work is focused on consumers emotional connection to brands and it’s his work in this area that’s led to a growing interest in human behaviour. While he may not always have all the answers, it’s in his art that he seeks them. 

“Art is a conversation whereas design always needs a solution. Working on something where the results are open-ended is a cathartic experience for me and by observing others through portraiture I get to study people which feeds back directly to my work as a designer”. 



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