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SEP 1ST - 11TH 2016


SMT SPACE is proud to present PORK LOIN ROAST, a solo show by Sr. X, a satirical, vintage repertoire of new work.

Billboards and sycophantic PR surround us every day. Mindless, vapid nonsense suffocates us. In a City of totalitarian competition for perfection, where plastic happiness is prized and synthetic optimism rules, perhaps a little darkness is refreshing.


And so, welcome to a showcase of warped nostalgia, subversive and darkly funny hallucinations of an innocent and conformist society.This is the artistic interpretation of the mind of a compliant citizen, good neighbour and graffiti artist, and sees the nihilistic irony in our pleasant and abundant society. Sometimes the world of commercialism can seem sickly sweet, like a soda you’ve had too much of. Well, consider Sr. X’s work a drop of vinegar in that soda, a dash of blackness to mute the deafening nothing noise that surrounds us every day.


This is the fly on your pork loin roast.

Sr. X was born at the beginning of the 80’s in a small town in the north of Spain, now based in London. After following several Arts degrees, he started to bring his ideas to the street, trying to get city people to stop, think or just smile for a moment when they saw his work, briefly forgetting their daily routine. Some of his inspirational themes are pop culture, films, publicity and urban legends, which he normally gives expression to through stencils, paste-ups or installations. His creations are often wrapped in a distinct tone of irony and social criticism, frequently shrouded by a veil of sharp humour. In addition to his work in the streets, he likes to experiment with mixing street art techniques and more traditional elements such as acrylics, oil and collage in his studio, bringing his canvas creations one step forward with a more polished and elaborated process.

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