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DEC 1ST - DEC 10TH 2017


This December, BSMTSPACE in Dalston will play host to Irish-London artist and filmmaker Joe Sangre's new exhibition, All Coming Down - a journey into the artists perceptions of human behaviour.


Marking the second time since the artist has exhibited in the space, this show seeks to reflect on the social and behavioural patterns that are constant among us all, be our intentions virtuous or depraved.


Sangre's work combines a rich tapestry of influences that range from the high craft of 1930s depression era cartoon adverts, underground cinematic narratives and unrefined early 1980s punk-rock/hardcore flyers and posters.

The aesthetic impact of these influences can be seen throughout the exhibition, but most notably in 'The Quitter'(acrylic on wood) which gives a slight nod to pre-war Pathé cartoons.

The piece depicts a young boy chasing hopelessly after a balloon in mid-air, with his persistent eagerness for an unattainable high beautifully captured with the fine detail of Sangre’s signature style.


Another piece entitled 'The Fucking Romance', in which a sailor and his lover fondle each other, blurs the lines between real passions and simple sexual exchanges.

Other highlights include: 'Piranhas'; representing mass consumerism and frenzy, 'Damn Dirty Scoundrels', which depicts foxes stepping out into the night and looking for trouble, and 'The Old Dry Bones' showing vultures descending and preying upon life.

Joe Sangre says: "The work is largely about taking human behaviours and representing them as visual patterns. It's about the things we do to feel some kind of connection with the rest of the world. To place meaning and feeling into every act. How futile these pursuits can be and how we keep repeating these patterns over and over again"

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