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Entirely self-taught, Sophie Mess does not come from an Art or Graffiti background. Five years in London learning from the best artists in the country, honing her skills and working in the mural industry as an artist and project manager led her to develop a full-time career as an artist. 

She now follows her own truth, creating vibrant, botanical inspired artworks. She seeks to thread joy into her practice, inviting the imagination to wonder and find new playful perspectives on our natural world.


Her work radiates with energy and life, resonating with a deep connection with nature, capturing its essence through bold colours, intricate details, and imaginative perspectives. She aims to ignite the viewer's imagination, inspiring a sense of wonder and offering new playful perspectives of natures beauty. She finds joy in the juxtaposition of the delicate interpretations of nature within the urban landscape, and finding the harmony between these seemingly contrasting elements. 


Her work can be found scattered across Europe from towering five-story buildings in France, Hotel rooftops in the heart of Rome, bustling city centre squares in Sweden, as well as throughout the UK, where her larger-than-life murals have become awe-inspiring landmarks. 


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