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NOV 19TH - DEC 1ST 2016


On the 19th of November BSMT SPACE will open a show like never before! Three Graffiti legends Kaos (Stockholm), Marr/Marvel (Malmö) and Rocco and his Brothers (Berlin) will be descending on London and shifting the gallery a gear in true Old School style!


Kaos is regarded a graffiti King, the original vandal in motion and a myth from the Swedish Graffiti scene. He will show us how Scandinavian writers have come to represent the true spirit of Nordic graffiti- playful, easy combinations with fast moves. He started writing in '85/'86 with a compulsive urge to paint that hasn't died over 30 years later! Kaos also started the Topdog crew in '97, who as a crew and individuals has influenced more than one generation of writers.


Marr/Marvel/Eurotrash/Tropical Viking hails from Malmö, southern Sweden- a city famous for their purple commuter trains. Marr picked up on graffiti at the young age of 13 in '94/'95 while hanging out skating in Industrial Malmö. Almost 20 years later with over 1000 trains and 1000 walls under his belt, Marr has come to understand Graffiti was the best way to find out about himself, the fast-working nature of cans and markers have shaped his style. Active in the most illegal forms of Graffiti, he says "You can always make something out of nothing- that is Graffiti".


Berlin born Rocco and his Brothers has his roots in Graffiti and is still an active writer but his work has taken a radical shift in style- illegal installations that have been mystifying press and officials as they pop up all over Berlin in abandoned or restricted zones. These socio-political, satirical pieces are deeply rooted in Graffiti and they are about to be given an identity as this artist reveals who has been behind this controversy! Watch this space!

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