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APR 8TH - APR 24TH 2016


BSMT SPACE is very proud to present 'INFLATION’ - the first solo show by acclaimed Street Artist Fanakapan, opening on the 8th of April with a private viewing on April 7th. One of the most impressive artists on the scene, with a style of his own that he continually redefines, Fanakapan is set to push the boundaries of his visual masterpieces further in what will be a stellar exhibition that you really won’t want to miss.

With this in mind, the aptly named ‘INFLATION’ not only suits the subjects of his works but also reflects his growing status within the global Urban Art scene. Having taken the world by storm over the last year and being flown over to paint in places such as LA, NYC, Malta, Beijing, Berlin, Ibiza and most recently Dubai, Fanakapan is an artist very much on the rise,something that is fitting when one considers the scale of his output. Fanakapan's 3D creations of helium balloon-based subjects will stop you in your tracks, they allow him maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb use of shadow and reflective highlights to make his works just pop off the surface! What stands out most about Fanakapan’s work on the street is that beyond the immediate and overwhelmingly impressive aesthetic dynamic, the pieces also allude to larger messages and hint at more acute aspects of Fanakapan’s personality.

'INFLATION' will present a varied number of pieces incorporating new works reflecting his more recent monochrome direction and offer a glimpse of the next stage in this talented artists repertoire and career. It is easy to see why Fanakapan is one of the most universally popular artists on the national and now international Street Art scene, his work speaks for itself. So be sure to check out what is going to be one of London’s must see exhibitions of 2016 at BSMT SPACE or it really will be your loss.

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