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MAY 19TH - JUN 6TH 2022


Stripping everything away, it was Hip hop culture and fundamentally its music that motivated the young .Epod to pick up a spraycan and try out Graffiti. 


This debut solo show aptly named DOPE, was what he first started writing before flipping it and taking on the moniker of .Epod. DOPE will be retrospectively focussing on these driving influences, a study of key elements of time that still inspire him today. The work will be a fusion of these two names and personas by taking that original inspiration and reinventing it with hardware, fashion and style- sending it future-bound!


Bringing perfect synergy to the art and energy of the opening night will be DJ Food, performing music that is his own response to turntablism, inspired as he was by Hip hop to use the turntable as an instrument or in ways for which it was not intended. Playing his Quadraphon (a record deck with four tone arms fed into independent channels) will enable him to build four-track soundscapes and rhythms that sit somewhere between the arthouse and the dancefloor. 


I thought this was the perfect foil for .Epod’s retro-futurist images, with one eye on the music and art that inspired us and the other on the future, always pushing towards invention and innovation."- DJ Food


DOPE will feature .Epod’s largest works to date, the new canvases will be thread together within the gallery space both by concept and design and will incorporate elements that break the canvas edge. Limited edition prints and collectible slipmats will also be featured as part of the show. 


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