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Zoe Anker studied MA Design for Textiles Future at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London; graduating in 2004. Since that time she's worked within the fashion Industry, before returning to her passion for printmaking full time.


Silkscreen printing has always been Zoe’s medium of choice, whether that be art pieces on paper or fashion fabrics. Zoe has a strong passion for the juxtaposition of colour, geometric shape and mark making, with the use of layers to create interesting and unique forms.


Zoe is currently based at Wimbledon Art Studios, London. Where she has held a studio for over three years.


Zoe is very much a "process" led artist and loves to work in a playful and free manner. 


"The process always influences the outcome of my work- I would say I am very impulsive, free and playful. I use mainly paper stencils within my art work, I love the freedom working this way and having the ability to evolve shapes and layers at a rapid pace."


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