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Mighty Mo (also known as Mighty Monkey), is a renowned London based graffiti artist famous for his iconic signature monkey motif’s – a colourful, humorous trademark character which can be seen gracing walls and rooftops across the capital, particularly if you ever stop to look up around North and East London.


Mighty Monkey began painting in 2005 around Camden, and was originally part of the London Frontline collective, before moving over to East London where he joined forces with the likes of Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Tek 33, Gold Peg, Dscreet and Rowdy, collectively known as the Burning Candy Crew.


He now maintains a steady flow of street work, as well as producing limited edition artworks in his studio which he has exhibited worldwide. In 2006 Mighty monkey exhibited work for the Daydream event held at M&C Saatchi headquaters in Soho and The Thousands show, curated by R J Rushmore in Shoreditch.


Mighty Monkey’s work has also been featured in street art publications including a series of London Street Art books by Prestel and the book ‘The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In’, published by Drago in 2009.


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