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Fanakapan is a prolific London-based Street Artist known for creating hyper realistic visuals of real life objects. His free-hand, spray painting skills and the unmatched combination of shadow and reflective highlights he adds to his absolutely mind-boggling art works have earned him a stellar reputation within the Urban Contemporary art scene. 

Looking at Fanakapan’s work from a distance, the human eye might be tricked into believing it is focussing on a real object. In fact, his 3D creations of helium foil balloon-based subjects look so real, that it often requires the help of the haptic sense to realise they were spray painted on a wall.


Originally starting off doing stencil work in his hometown of Dorset, the self-taught artist with a background in prop making, got into working with spray painting in the early 2000’s. Over the years he developed into the extraordinary artist he is today. Despite some of his art works alluding to larger messages, he wants people to read into it whatever they think it should stand for.

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