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Argyris “SER” Saraslanidis was born in Thessaloniki and is a pioneer of the Urban & Street art scene in Greece (1993). He works in Thessaloniki and Corfu. His works are in public and private collections. SER’s art and life are intertwined and evolve in parallel trajectories.

The artist is currently distancing himself from pop surrealism, a style that estab- lished him, and is now immersing himself in the study of colours and shapes. The novelty of this exploration has evolved into an instantly recognizable style.


SER’s new body of works are created using the simplest of means - a standard colour palette and a minimal, almost Doric application of form, a stunning visual mosaic that bombards the viewer. The artist uses colour and form to create contradictions and illusions that excite the viewer, forging unique sensory experiences.


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