September 2016 

PDX > LDN.jpg

Portland Oregon is sending its finest in what’s set to be one of the most popular gallery take-overs this year!

PDX>LDN was masterminded by Rx Skulls, Voxx Romana and Mad One alongside BSMT SPACE as a blast of a show bringing with it fresh pieces and visiting artists whose work isn’t often seen in the UK!

Alongside the Portland crew, the pop-up show will also feature an invited group of UK artists. Expect live painting, a mad selection of limited edition prints and stickers packs, and of course originals. The show will be running for two days, it’ll be special and certainly not one to miss.


PDX LANDING… a little more on the Portland crew:

Voxx Romana, a street artist that has been spreading the Einstein Icon and the moniker ‘Voxx Romana’ through wheat pastes stickers and stencils. This has become internationally recognized because of the power of the images and in part to the voice of social media. Voxx Romana means (Voice Rome) in Latin and symbolizes the voice of the people in a corrupt society. “Street art is important to me because I can speak with an image and have an impact that could promote thought or change, you could say that’s my mission, my voice, my inspiration. I hope to continue working to promote free thinking, activism and awareness of global problems through street art”

Rx Skulls, an adhesive enthusiast and exterior decorator out of Portland Oregon. Rx screen prints skull stickers and posters by hand, traveling and sharing them with the world. Every skull design begins from a skull he photographed at a museum in London a decade ago. His project began in 2010 and continues to evolve while maintaining a strong brand identity and consistent aesthetic.

Mad One: The manifestation of “Mad One” as artist/curator has a unique style blending character and illustrative work rooted in and influenced by hip-hop, Matisse and years of painting the streets and train yards back on the east coast of the U.S. Mad One’s creative process and consistency has made him one of the most prolific and innovative street artists emerging today. He is famed for his daytime street art antics and installations spanning Arizona and all along the West Coast. His work to date is a vibrant, mixed media, abstract reflection of one’s environment attempting to stimulate curiosity, incite thoughtful dialogue…all in the name of fun!...