March 2017

Lucid Dreaming.jpg


BSMT is proud to present this 'Lucid Dreaming' collection by the one and only Himbad.

This series of 24 miniature paintings has been created using HIMBAD's unique Sprezzatura method.

Using secret martial art techniques he trains his mind to be open to the moment.

The moment and the now.

With Atlas like strength he keeps this mind state enabling him to so gracefully manipulate colour and form Producing master works seemingly effortlessly .

Dipping his paintbrush into the great sea of the subconscious, this series reveals the hypnotic mystery and beauty of working directly from the imagination and not through widely-accessible imagery generated though a Google image search like so many 'artists ' of todays sterile age.

His work is archetypal, inspired by the ancient wisdom schools, world mythology, alchemy and nature. These landscapes and figures come straight from the dream .unique and original but somehow eerily familiar . Allow yourself to be taken down the path less trodden . Don't miss the call to adventure