May 2016

In The Raw.jpg


BSMT Space is proud to announce ‘In The Raw’ an art exhibition from the Clandestinos collective. Artists @shalakattack and @brunosmoky will be transforming the space with their thought provoking, eye-catching murals.

Both Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack have dedicated their lives to creating visual art in urban spaces and are passionate about using art to convey a strong political message. Bruno began painting walls in Sao Paulo 2004 and has since gained professional recognition whilst journeying across South America, North America, the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Canada. He has taught art and the history of graffiti and is passionate about the importance of art as a form of expression to youth in communities which are at risk. Shalak is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist who paints using spray in urban spaces but is also highly skilled on canvas, creating, cognitive landscapes and murals grounded in psychedelic realism. For over a decade Shalak has amassed a body of work which has taken her around the globe. Her work strives to create a narrative which highlights the fundamental importance of nature, and honours its sacred power. Shalak’s work is culturally charged and deeply rooted in South American mural tradition, with a contemporary urban edge; she transforms forgotten and derelict urban spaces into dreamscapes with vibrant colours and vivid imagery.

‘In The Raw’ will provide a lucid and immersive experience, marrying the work and experiences of both artists, it is a must see exhibition that is going to blow BSMT Space and your minds with colour!

The Clandestinos will be gracing our space from April 30th - May 11th.