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DEC 1TH - DEC 9TH 2021


We’re breaking all the rules this December at BSMT for our 50th exhibition with a seasonal show like no other. A fitting and celebratory end to a rather interesting and very memorable year, UNDER WRAPS will feature 17 of our favourite artists with artworks and editions dropping daily. 


UNDER WRAPS will feature work from the very talented A.CE, Alex May Hughes, Angry Dan, Cranio, Dave Towers, Dill, Edwin, Fanakapan, Dave Buonaguidi, KMG, Malarko, Mau Mau, Mighty M, Nerone, Ryca, Skeleton Cardboard and Tony Riff.


Drops will include fresh original artwork, brand new print editions (and we’ve put together some beauties including a satin scarf, skate deck and tea set) as well as a hand finished print from a sold out run, the original artwork from a sold out print run, a gilded and sign-written mirror and more. 


17 artists, secret drops happening twice daily starting from December 1st and running until December 9th. Think of it as a giant advent calendar- each day we’ll be unwrapping something, you know who is coming up but you won’t know when! Turn on post notifications so you don’t miss them or sign up to our mailing list to access the full calendar which will be sent out to subscribers on November 30th.

The show will open with a private view on December 9th. Join us for what will be a very festive end to 2021, as well as a celebration as we proudly toast to the 50th exhibition opening here at BSMT!


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