December 2015

The God Damn Beauty Of It All.jpg


Joe Sangre is a 33 year old London-Irish artist and filmmaker, born and raised.

His work is influenced and inspired by 1930's depression era cartoon advertising, with a 1980's Punk/hardcore aesthetic. Artwork from bands like Black Flag, The Minutemen and Subhumans were formative influences on him growing up in the 'Dirty Burbz' of North West London.

Also the work of Max Fleischer cartoons of the 1930's and 40's.

"They have their own language and are loaded with double entendre nuance and sexual ambiguity. There is often something sinister lurking within them and the scary thing is these were considered throw away fun for children."

Depression era cartoons were chosen as a subject matter, not as a sentimental nod, but more as a means to hold up a mirror to our own modern times, our own depression era.

During his years of working in UK hip-hop scene as an artist and filmmaker, he developed a love for artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Canibus and Big L. Artists who could take a complex subject, break it down and express it in one genius phrase or line. He draws parallels in his artwork.

"I find that using bold images in mainly black ink allow me to do take sometimes complexed issues or feelings and represent them visually with simplicity, but at the same time leave a certain amount of nuance or ambiguity as I have to remind myself that I'm not making bumper stickers or greeting cards, at least not until Hallmark offer me a good price for my tattered, soiled mattress of a soul."

'The God Damn Beauty Of It All' exhibition is taking place at the BSMTSPACE gallery in Dalston from December 10th 2015-December 17th

Private Viewing (invite only) on 10th and open to the public on 11th from 12pm