March 2016



Joe Furlong / Mr Wim / Krom Balgesky / Lady Gonzalez / Vesna Parchet

Private View: Thursday 3rd March 2016

Its time to contort London. Releasing fresh artwork from five London based pioneering practitioners of different nationalities, Reshape brings a fresh wave of new personal pieces filled with diversity in methods and mediums. A show centralised around breaking and reshaping common ideas, exploring creative constraints and perceptions of the current exhibitive formula and the modern artistic challenge. A bid to define our own time.

This auto-curated collaboration with BSMT Space will experiment to find and offer other options necessary for promoting artists' freedom and autonomy, to form an urgent, refreshing and essential alternative to contemporary options.

Each artist has been affected and moulded directly by the closure and disregard of autonomous practical creative space in the face of rampant and irresponsible gentrification projects throughout the capital. Their spectacle stems from this hidden matrix of handmade corners, opposing angles and hard knocks. A collision of conventions and constructing questions for 2016 and beyond. These are the first stark answers.

Discuss. Rectify. Reshape.